Primary Questions:

How do I get a quote? what is the mode of contact with you?

-Getting quote is so easy. For small projects or for package solutions our website is enough. For bigger or complex solution you need to fill the contact form. We will get back to you within next 8 hours. You can get in touch via any IM like Skype, GTalk etc. We feel mail is the best way.

Are you comfortable with NDA? Will you sign one?

-We never disclose our client's information in any circustmances. Yes, we are ready to sign the NDA. You can ask any time during your project ordering process.

Can I get money back, if I am not happy?

-Client's happiness is our success.If you justify that we are violating our commitment and quality, we will refund 100% of recieved amount.

Technical Question:

Does your speedup service only helpful for live websites or it also applicable for your coding projects?

-We are specialized in minimizing the load time for a live website. This is one of the GREATEST ADVANTAGE for our customers. For each scratch development they will get speedup service as default. So, no extra money for reducing the website load time.

Do I need to use any third party services? If yes, then how will it process?

-The third party service totally depends on the client expectations and the requirement like CDN, ready to install plugins. We will provide the best consultancy. It's client responsibility to purchase. We will implement for the best output.

Is Speed Optimization includes search engine optimization (SEO)?

-Speed optimization (Minimum Load Time) is related to website operational performance on browsers. On the other hand SEO is related to page ranking for search engines. Both are different. But, a website having less load time is preferred by Google.
By default, SEO is not included in our service. For this you need to have a special request.

Order Submission:

What information do I need to include while sending my project?

-You should try to provide as much information as you can with support doc. Please also mention any specific note in the space provided in the order form. Never order a project in hurry, take your time and put all the information thoroughly described in the order form.

What items are delivered with my order?

-We will share the deliverables in an archive (ZIP format) containg the following items.
Complete source code
Supporting image and media files
Help doc if needs

What about submitting a finished project that needs work?

-In this situation put all task in bullet form and source code in ZIP .It will help us for correct estimation and for you the exact timeline. If possible please mention your availability for any clarification.


How and when do I pay you?

-To start a project we need at least 20% as upfront payment. Rest will go as per the decided milestones. We prefer payment via paypal. Other mode is also available as per the request.

Do you offer discounts?

-Time to time we run occassional discount offers for our clients. While ordering you can directly ask. The respective representative will definitely help you to make your project economical.

Which currency you accept by default?

-USD( American Dollar)

Delivery Times:

What do you call a business day?

-5 days in a week (40 hours). Monday to Friday, 9Am -6Pm. On urgency we also wrok for Saturdays.

Do you gaurantee delivery time?

-Yes, offcourse. This is our USP. We break projects in 3-10 milestones and generally there is 90% chance to get it finished on time. 10% depends on client's response.

How can I expedite my project in urgency?

-To expedite a project, you have to put a special request. As per the availibility of the developer, we will confirm. Remember, it will add an extra cost as Project Expedite Cost(PEC) on total.

Fix its:

What is the treatment of bugs , if appeared?

-We test each project thoroughly. By chance, if a bug appears we will try to fix it on the same working day.

I am facing a problem to submit the form, what should I do?

-Do not waste your time here and there, get in touch with our support .You will get resolution within next 8 hours.

Is the code easy for me to update?

-Yes, We do well commented programming for each web page.


Can you convert my PSd to CMS, Shopping cart,Blog or other applications?

-We are offering high quality service with all popular CMS, Shopping cart and blog platform. Even we can create a high level layered PSD for your requirement. For more detail please go to "CODE SERVICES" zone.

What about custom script and application development?

-Our showcase speaks a lot. As our specialization in load time technology we always do custom work for speedup service. Writing custom scripts for applications is in our daily routine. We are the master.

What do you do for custom themes and the website integration?

-We create, implement and optimize for high performance . Only meeitng the requirement is not our goal. We will try to develop a money making machine for you.